Mom's Recipes is a company designed by the Moms and Daughters of Kustom Products Inc, who fell in love with the creation of the Family Recipe Cutting Board, and wanted to expand on the belief that kitchens bring families closer and that food is the one ingredient that binds us all together.

Your family recipes, combined with your favorite memories and photos of your loved ones, create a beautiful story that should continue to be told and passed down to each new generation. Using these pictures and recipes, we invite you to create your own cookbook, scrapbook, calendar, or planner that will help keep these cherished moments close by and gifted to others on special occasions.

In addition to creating Mom's Recipes for the pure joy of sharing the love from our family to yours, we are also donating 5% of the profits from each order to Meals on Wheels, who help over 2.4 million of our senior neighbors extend their independence and health in America in a nutritional way. By inviting you to create a family heirloom of your family's recipes, we are also giving you the opportunity to help those families in need.

We thank you for your continued support. We look forward to hearing about all the wonderful stories you create with your memories.

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